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Curriculum & Special Programs offered across site

Learning Across All Environments

Teachers at Christie Downs Primary School plan, programme, assess and report using the Australian Curriculum, Early Years Framework, Teaching For Effective Learning tool and the Respect, Reflect and Relate Framework.

In the area of literacy as your child moves from Reception to Year 7 they will continue to develop their knowledge, language and understandings of reading, writing, viewing and speaking. In the area of numeracy your child will build on their number and algebra, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability understanding through reasoning and problem- solving.

Throughout the year teachers collect literacy and numeracy data on each student. This data helps teachers to inform their teaching and learning programming. It also allows for swift identification of students who need extra support. Parents receive a written report twice a year at the end of each semester.

At Chrsitie Downs in the maintsream school there is a team of teachers who support targetted students in literacy and numeracy. The team works closely with the classroom teachers to to deliver evidence based support. The team is made up of:


·         Early Years Reading Support Teacher

·         Aboriginal Education Teacher

·         English as an Additional Language or Dialect Teacher

·         Primary Special Education Teacher

·         Aboriginal Junior Primary Literacy Teacher


We are a creative and whole body place of learning with teachers engaging with the Reggio Emilia principles and looking at engagement by using the Creative Body Based Learning drama approaches. These two approaches together support our students to feel competent and capable and that they have a voice in their learning.


Specialised Programs


At Christie Downs teaching and learning are at the centre of all we do and we are constantly reflecting on current programs and seeing new ways to engage and educate all of our students. As a result we offer a range of specialist programs including:

·         Support A Talker Program for children who need to develop their language skills in the Junior Primary.

·         Levelled Literacy Intervention for children who need extra support around their reading and writing development.

·         Specialist PE and Health Teacher

·         Specialist STEM Teacher

·         Specialist Spanish Teacher

·         An Upper Primary carpentry education program

·         Year 7 enterprise education program

·         Year 7 aspirational program working with Flinders University

·         A transition program aimed at new students who will transition into reception

·         Drum Beat for Primary students to develop strategies for self-regulation

·         Weekly Discovery lessons in the Junior Primary to engage their interest in Humanities